Allow me to formally introduce myself! I’m a young woman mixed with an exotic blend of Dominican and Persian influence. The reason for my passionate nature and undeniable sense for FLARE!

My sun kissed, toned body stands at 5’8 tall with a deliciously feminine 38D 26 36 silhouette. I have long, sleek black hair that lines my beautifully sculpted face. My piercing brown eyes will seduce you, my mind will captivate you and my full pouty, luscious lips will please you.

I have a flirtatious and at times, edgy disposition. While I embody the erotic and intoxicating virtues of a true VIXEN, I am also a very warm, kind hearted and down to earth young woman. I do enjoy a lifestyle that is mature beyond my years, however, I absolutely love to let loose and enjoy the best in life. I would love to ENCHANT you with my youthful exuberance for new experiences, ALLURE you with my confident sophistication, AROUSE you with my sex appeal and SATISFY you with my insatiable appetite for all things sensual.

I live for adventure and have been fortunate in my life to have lived in several different places and travelled quite extensively! I have been immersed in a vast range of cultures and met many different people. In my experiences, not only have I learned a greater compassion for this world and the people in it, but I believe I have developed a knowledge and understanding that has helped me exponentially in this unique profession I have chosen. I comfortably fit into countless, situations and surroundings. I enjoy deep intellectual conversation which is ideal for the gentleman seeking a companion to accompany him to various professional or social functions. And for the gentleman looking to escape the stresses of everyday life, please allow my sultry imagination to bring us both away to a world of unmeasured pleasures. My versatility is what truly separates me from the rest.

Come be kissed by Jazmin Cyrus. There are so many more secrets yet to be revealed…

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